Our 14pc "O" Locker™ (Golden Elite)  "Total Lock Box Kit has just about everything you need to start and maintain Interlocked hair like a professional.


1- "O" Locker™ Inflatable Shampoo Sink

1-"O" Locker™ "Detoxifying Hair Bath"

1-"O" Locker™ "Stimulating Shampoo"

1-"O" Locker™ "Lock Tightening" Spray

1- "O" Locker™ "Aloe Moss" Moisturizing Spray

1-"O" Locker™ "Nourishing Hair Growth" Oil

1-"O" Locker™ "Healing Scalp Treatment"

1-"O" Locker™ Large (Golden Elite) Key

1-"O" Locker™ Medium (Golden Elite) Key

1-"O" Locker™ Micro (Golden Elite) Key

1"O" Locker™ Mega Micro (Golden Elite) Key

1-"O" Locker™ Ultra Micro (Golden Elite) Key

1-"O" Locker Room Key Case

1"O" Locker "Stay Clean" Sanitizing spray.




This 14pc (Sterling Silver) Kit is for the cumstomer who enjoys quality, professional, Interlocking tools.

14pc (Sterling Silver) Total Lock Box Kit

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