Our 14pc "O" Locker™ (Golden Elite)  "Total Lock Box Kit has just about everything you need to start and maintain Interlocked hair like a professional.


1- "O" Locker™ Inflatable Shampoo Sink

1-"O" Locker™ "Detoxifying Hair Bath" 2oz

1-"O" Locker™ "Stimulating Shampoo" 8oz

1-"O" Locker™ "Lock Tightening" Spray 6oz

1- "O" Locker™ "Aloe Moss" Moisturizing Spray 6oz

1-"O" Locker™ "Nourishing Hair Growth" Oil 4oz

1-"O" Locker™ "Healing Scalp Treatment"2oz

1-"O" Locker™ Large (Golden Elite) Key

1-"O" Locker™ Medium (Golden Elite) Key

1-"O" Locker™ Micro (Golden Elite) Key

1"O" Locker™ Mega Micro (Golden Elite) Key

1-"O" Locker™ Ultra Micro (Golden Elite) Key

1-"O" Locker Room Key Case

1"O" Locker "Stay Clean" Sanitizing spray.


Our Large 3pc (Golden Elite) "O" Locker™ keys kit comes with:


1-"Larger" (Golden Elite) "O" Locker Key

1-"Medium" (Golden Elite) "O" Locker Key

1-"Micro" (Golden Elite) "O" Locker Key


This kit is for our customer who enjoys a higher end, professional Interlocking tools set.

14pc (18k Golden Elite) Total Lock Box Kit

$281.86 Regular Price
$225.49Sale Price
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